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“Natural” Shouldn’t Be Hard |5 Affirmations For The Journey

What made you decide to live a more natural life style?

I’ve had a few moments that probably helped me to become a natural, like- questioning why we put a chemical on our heads, near our brain, sometimes to the point of a chemical burn for it to in turn damage our hair….and if it’s damaging to the hair on our heads who’s to say it isn’t damaging to the brain in our heads? But I still cared about societal norms and European standards of beauty so I pressed on.

My real epiphany, however, happened in college. #HBCUlife was proving to be the cultural confidence booster I needed. I was beginning to embrace my kinks and coils and all that the natural hair journey had to offer. 

Well, fast forward a few months into the journey and I felt BOMBARDED with new concepts and methods and products for my hair! Then to top it off, I started learning that there are natural alternatives to …… well, everything. 

The influencers and vloggers on social media seemed to have it SO together. They had extensive wash day routines and skin regimes and self care calendars…..I felt so behind the curve and lost at where to start. 

I knew that chemicals were bad, everything was connected to nature and that I wanted to live a more holistic life but…..my life didn’t fit perfectly into a planner like all the “other naturals”. 

I rarely had time for those hour long wash routines, I hated having to re-twist my hair EVERY night, I might slip up and drink a soda….I still wanted bacon in my cobb salads….you get it. I wasn’t like those “other naturals”. *shrugs*

I’m so glad I learned that was okay. I also learned that some “Naturals” didn’t really live natural lives; they were more concerned with manmade products than natural alternatives. I had to define what kind of Natural I wanted to be.

Here are five affirmations to use when reminding yourself why you’re taking the extra step to live a holistic life:

  1. My Journey is my own; it’s not supposed to look like anyone else’s
  2. I am already everything I need to be
  3. Life is a journey, not a race
  4. I am wonderfully and fearfully made
  5. Today, I chose to love myself, just the way I am

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