We're Going To MEXICO!

Stimulate your soul. Appreciate the journey. 

You’re invited to experience the Caribbean by taking a journey to Mexico for our inaugural Natural Retreat! In November 2024, we will flood the coastline of Riviera Maya with pure unadulterated magic! We will lavish in Mexico’s natural beauty, swim in sacred water, take part in an ancient purification ritual, ride ATVs to collect jungle herbs, live the high life at an all-inclusive luxury resort, and most importantly, develop deep and lasting holistic connections with likeminded naturals. 

It will no doubt be the experience of a lifetime!

Why Mexico?



Day 1

By Day

Take some time to settle into your accommodations while enjoying a bit of Mexican hospitality. Relax while you get familiar with the resort’s multiple pools, restaurants and bars. 

By Night

Hopefully you’ve rested up for our Meet, Mix &  Mingle! There will be no judgement as you delight yourself with a variety of exotic [and not so exotic] delicious eats and cocktails.

Day 2

By Day

Prepare to travel to the sacred wells of the Mayans. We’ll get an early start as we set out to experience this natural phenomenon. The fun part is getting there by kayak,  zip lines and inner tubes.

By Night

After a day full of adventure it is time to unwind with a glass of wine (or drink of your choice).  After dinner, join us for our evening recap by the infinity pool.

Day 3

By Day

How does breakfast on your luxury terrace sound? Maybe a mimosa on the beach? Prepare your mind for tonight’s ancient purification ritual. 

By Night

We will experience a spiritual ceremony using the elements of air, fire, earth, and water. Then we’re off to enjoy an authentic Mayan dinner and taste the local liquor Xtabentun made from aromatic herbs and anise.

Day 4

By Day

Today you have a choice, lounge in luxury or bid farewell to Mexico!  What better way to say adios than driving  a 4-wheel ATV  to explore the city, interact with native villages and identify jungle herbs.


By Night

Now is the time to relax and enjoy an evening of entertainment, resort style dining and the opportnity to connect with fellow Irresponsible Naturals for a late night kick back on the beach. 

Day 5

By Day

Grab a filling breakfast (and mimosa) and join us for our last group activity, Morning Mindset

By Night


Cheers to aligning spirituality with luxury living!


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This experience is for you, if you:

  • Love the beach and deserve a luxury experience
  • Are eager to learn about sacred spaces and ceremonies
  • Enjoy adventures and meeting new cultures
  • Understand that mimosas go great with meditation