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The 4 Most Overlooked Aspects Of Every Life Journey | worksheet included

Everyone’s roadmap to life looks different, but in the hustle and bustle of things it’s easy to start to compare those roadmaps and evaluate our lives based on someone else’s journey. Over time, if we aren’t intentional, our roadmaps lose definition and we’re driving with no direction. 

There are key characteristics that must be applied to every roadmap, but they’re often overlooked. It’s important that we first ‘define’ these characteristics for understanding then ‘refine’ them so they make sense in our lives. 

Goals are defined as the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. What are you working on in this season? When is the last time you outlined your long term goals; not just your ‘New Year Resolution’? The bigger the goals take time and often require smaller milestones in the process. Tonight, I want you to envision yourself in 5 years; where do you want to be? Once the vision is clear, write it down. The, you’ll need to think about and write your 1, 2, 3 and 4 year goals that will help you achieve it. When we take the big picture into account, we move different. 

Your “Why” is the thing, thought or person in life that motivates you. Remembering your “why” fuels your fire on the days that the journey seems too long and rough. Your “why” is personal; no one has to understand it. In this season, my “why” comes from a quote that I once read that said “I would hate to die and never have lived the life I was destined to”. When I want to give up on my dreams and lead a “normal life”, this quote reminds me to THINK BIGGER. 

Spirituality is an essential aspect of every natural’s journey. It’s also one of the  most debated and confused. Textbooks define spirituality as the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material and physical things. Granted, we have to concern ourselves with material things because of the world we live in, but it’s crucial that we set for ourselves a standard of material consumption. Ask yourself “how much does ‘stuff’ mean to me?” to make sure you don’t begin to idolize status symbols. Faith, not status, is a super power. Don’t be afraid to explore what fuels your faith. 

Self Care is one of those things that is personal. You have to define and refine this concept for yourself; then PRIORITIZE IT! Self care is self love in action. Self Care is also how you pour back into your own cup when watering others. Somehow, someway self care started to be defined by spa days and pampering. I challenge you to really tap in and ask yourself “how do I recharge”. Once you identify your activities, make them a part of your routine. Think about it: for a germaphobe, a spa is stressful. If self care, for you, is turning off your phone, binge watching netflix with some skinny pop….put it one your calendar!

This list is not all inclusive; these are not the only aspects to consider. There will be varying parts to everyone’s life roadmap because our journeys are meant to be unique. These are not the only aspects to consider but they are highly valuable and often overlooked. 

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